I’ve been working on a series of lifeguard chairs. The singularity of this one chair and what it represents intrigues me.

Oil - November 2013

Oil – November 2013



A six hour sketch of Laura. Charles Barque technique.  Four sections, Lost and Found Edges, beginning stages of shading. Laura

Painted at the Grand Central Academy of Art New York NY with Sarah Lamb

I’ve been walking along an old railroad bed that’s been converted to a Rail Trail, in the process of paving over the once beautiful compressed bed they painted a yellow like down the center.  One day I happened to look down and noticed that there were things happening on the yellow line!! Only having my iPhone with me I started snapping….

Hope you enjoy these.

Found this on my morning walk….must have passed it several times before, but today it wanted to be noticed.

Just added a pink haze to this piece…not much time lately for working…but i do like what’s happening hereimg_6200

New large oil painting in progress 4’x5’


Here are 5 Options of the E-CHAIR printed on aluminum plates with different finishes. What I really liked was the way the light reflected off the aluminum as I walked around the room. The Matte finish actually looks 3D… unexpectedly cool 😎